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Presentation of OBOB.TV, daily Russian-language TV and Broadcasting information Site

OBOB.TV is the Russia’s leading daily online-publication dedicated to TV industry and equipment: OTT, Cable, Satellite, OTA, IPTV, Channels etc.

The name OBOB.TV is derived from Russian “Obozreniye oborudovaniya i brodkastinga TV” = “Review of TV equipment and TV broadcasting”.

It is THE biggest and THE only daily Russian language online publication about TV broadcasting and equipment in Russia + Belarus + Kazakhstan + Ukraine + the rest of CIS area and other Russian-speaking world.

We are placing not only text publications, but Video Reviews and Video Presentations, etc.


Readers, viewers

Started just 3 years ago, in February 2014, OBOB.TV had grown up and matured during these years. Now we are the most known and influential news source about Cable, Satellite, OTT broadcasting and equipment in the Russian-language world. Need to mention, that we are not a review of news, but full-bodied online magazine with journalists who provide news, not reprint them. Therefore, we can say that we are THE independent information source for everybody in OTT, Cable and Satellite, business, also about video distribution.

We are daily read by professionals, including decision-makers of large broadcasters. We can highlight that we have very good attention from top to medium-level managers of Russian-language DTH-platforms, as well as from top to medium-level managers of the Russian-language satellite, Internet, IPTV, and cable TV channels.

Another part of our readers and viewers are professional installers and integrators, and distributors of equipment and services related to TV, Satellite, Cable, IPTV and video distribution. We have all rights to say that we are read and viewed by many thousands of professionals in this areas.

Monthly, we have more than 50,000 unique readers and viewers only of OBOB.TV pages (as of beginning 2017). Besides, our news, including our promotion publications are circulated on our partner sites (all from the same and similar trade and business, aiming at the same type of TV professionals), because we have special agreements with them. Also, we have thousands of reprints of our publications on another sites, in the same or similar business areas. Therefore, using quite conservative calculations, the OBOB.TV has monthly circulation of up to 200,000 unique viewers each month. All the viewers (readers) are interested in TV, Broadcasting, etc, so we can highlight high devotion and high motivation our readers/viewers, which makes placing of the advertising and promotion publications on our web-site very effective and TARGETED.

On demand, we are ready to provide Google Analytics to prove the above-mentioned numbers.


Social networks

We are present in social networks, as well. We are, mostly of all, active in the VK.COM social network, which is the number one network in Russian-speaking word. It is the biggest competitor of Facebook in the Russian-speaking world, and outnumbers the Facebook in this part of the world, significantly.

Additionally, we have comment boards under our every article or video published, to attract more attention and returning visitors.


Our writes/authors

OBOB.TV has stuff of professional journalists, experienced about TV, Broadcasting, Channels and equipment for it. All of them have such experience in this field. The Editors are also competent in this area, and also we can provide advices how it is better to place and position and fine-tune your and TARGET publications for our readers and viewers.



We’re independent from specific Brands, Broadcasters, Providers, Channels, Distributors of services and equipment. Everything published on OBOB.TV is the point-of-view of the Author of specific author of article or video, unless it is clearly stated otherwise (for example, in advertising publications).

Our categories.

  • Broadcasters and Channels
    Reports about news and changes in this area. Here we cover news about Satellite TV, not forgetting about Cable, Internet-TV, IPTV, Cable and OTT, also digital switch-over.
  • Interviews
    As it is easy to guess, here we interview famous and well-known personalities from the Cable, OTT, Internet TV and video distribution world.
  • Equipment news
    Here we place publications about some new equipment and solutions in the above-mentioned areas.
  • Opinions
    In this category, we publish new and hot (sometimes even sharp, to get more attention), opinions of professionals in our target areas, with analysis and ideas about current situation and future of the Broadcasting and TV world. These kind of articles attract more readers and call for more discussions on our discussion (comment) boards. We reserve the right to disagree with published opinions!
  • Equipment reviews
    It is one of our most-popular categories, where our authors publish tests of different popular equipment for TV, etc, based on personal experience.
  • Technologies
    Here we cover what new technologies are bringing to Broadcasting Area, what changes are about to happen?
  • Events
    That’s a great place to talk about something new happening in the TV+Broadcasting world.
  • Satellite TV history
    It is another popular category, also knows as “100 stories”, which has lots of information how the Satellite TV had developed, in ex-USSR area, as well in the World. Often we provide unique photos and videos together with these publications.
  • International Broadcasting
    In this category, we cover the situation about the International Broadcasting, and now different world states and countries are involved here. Worth to mention, that as of 2017, around 50 countries are having international broadcasting, targeted to Russian-speaking viewers and listeners, when Internet streaming, Satellite TV and other means are used to get to final viewer.
  • Radio
    What’s happening about Radio Broadcasting is not our major focus, but we still cover how is the transition from Analog Radio Broadcasting to Digital Broadcasting is going on.
  • Stats
    Here we cover the statistical data about broadcasters, viewers, and other interesting numbers, all about TV and near.
  • Humour and stories
    Obviously, one of most popular categories. With funny videos and pictures from professional and business life of TV professionals, TV viewers, installers and such.

Welcome onboard to OBOB.TV , and we are sure that we’re the number one place
for placing advertising publications, promotion publications and reviews of your equipment, as long as you are in the Broadcasting and Connected world. We can place articles about your company news and products, reviews of equipment, advertising banners, review of equipment.

The articles are either provided by authors of OBOB.TV, or it can be your ready articles – then we have the right of adjusting or changing your publications, unless it is fully advertising publications and marked as such publications on the OBOB.TV. Before publication, all advertising and promotion publications can be approved with you, if needed.

Again, we have to mention that all the publications on OBOB.TV (including advertising ones) are also circulated on Partner Sites, targeted at similar readers/viewers. The list of such partner sites will be provided after you make official agreement with us.

Terms and conditions are provided on demand.


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