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OBOB.TV English #2

We present the review of our June publications.

Equipment news

New Receivers for Tricolor TV

New STB, DTS 53 and DTS 54, intended for the reception of Tricolor TVs services recently appeared on the market What is special about DTS 53/54 is that they are produced not by GS Group (Tricolor TV’s technological partner), but by an unknown manufacture, presumably from China. Firstly they appeared in some regional SAT-TV shops and later — in NLE stores (the partner of GS Group and Tricolor TV) all over the country. These STBs are intended exclusively for the reception of the package Extra with the annual 2000 rub. Extra is practically equal to the package Edinyj but with the addition of 3 children channels. However DTS 53/54 don’t support HEVC and therefore can’t decode TV channels that Tricolor TV broadcasts in this format. Besides it is doubtful that these STBs allow the reception of any broadcasting beside Tricolor TV’s.

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OBOB.TV English #1

We offer to your attention the review of our most topical publications for the last month.

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